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Yog Fellowship Temple

Imparting the teachings and scientific techniques of Kriyayoga Meditation

About YFT

Yog Fellowship Temple (YFT) is a non-profit organization that was built in 1983 by the late Dr. Manwel Bedessee, to spread and promote the teachings of the scientific technique of Kriyayoga Meditation.


Since 1995, when we first offered the teachings of Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, the Centre has grown significantly and many life-changing results have been experienced. Through Kriyayoga practice and dietary principles, people have experienced healing of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

YFT currently provides Kriyayoga programs and hosts classes and services throughout the week.  We offer periodic retreats and semi-annual Healing Programs conducted in person by Swami Shree Yogi Satyam which are a popular event at the centre, attracting people from all over the globe.

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Healing Programs


Healing programs at YFT are condensed, intensive retreats, which allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of Kriyayoga individually and in a group setting.


Participants attend three (3) Kriyayoga classes per day, learning to prepare, serve, and eat nutritious vegan meals in accordance with Kriyayoga dietary principles; as well as learning to work physically and mentally while employing Kriyayoga practices.


YFT is beautifully situated on a scenic country property in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.


The Centre radiates a spiritual ambience, immediately experienced by all who enter its premises. The meditation hall is well known for its unique architecture, consisting of a geodesic dome beneath a pyramid enclosure that provides an ideal environment conducive for Kriyayoga programs and retreats.

A Doctor's Perspective:

"I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.


My name is Dr. Zena Bedessee (Taramata). I received my medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1992 and began practising family medicine thereafter. I was raised in Kitchener, Ontario, and was a child when I first heard of Kriyayoga Meditation. Instead of bedtime stories, my parents read excerpts of Paramahansa Yogananda's, "Autobiography of a Yogi" to me. 

Through this great literary work, I became deeply inspired by the Kriyayoga Masters, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Yukteswar Giri, and Paramahansa Yogananda.


My father, Dr. Manwel Bedessee founded Yog Fellowship Temple in 1983. It is a Centre for the community where one can experience complete health, peace, and prosperity through the scientific practice of Kriyayoga Meditation."

Dear Divine Soul,

Directors and Officers

Directors as Follows:

  • Dr. Zena Bedessee

  • Anna Cipollone

  • Sue Diamond (chair)

  • Seeram Rattan

  • Renee Usselman

Officers as Follows: 

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