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Reconnecting with Spiritual Bliss - Highlights from my Journey to Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute

By Sue Diamond, President and Director

I recently returned from 3 glorious weeks at the Kriyayoga Ashram & Research Institute in Prayagraj, India and I wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip with you.

It has been almost 4 years since I have travelled to India and practised in Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam’s presence. It was a case of not fully realizing what I was missing, until I was at the Ashram. My annual trips to India were interrupted when Covid hit. Everything changed. Not only could we not go there, but Guruji could not come to North America. Being there last month was a spiritual injection; deepening my love for Kriyayoga and my awe and deep appreciation for having a true Master and Guru guiding us on the Kriyayoga path.

To be at our spiritual home is to feel completely loved and cared for. The holiness of the Banyan tree site and its historical events – Babaji and his band of devotees meeting with Sri Yukteswar and requesting the writing of Holy Science – is like no other place on Earth. The very land itself exudes a nurturing presence

Our beloved Guruji and the Monks who live there and support his mission all model extreme kindness and caring. They waited on everyone’s needs through their service to us – that we could experience the gift of spiritual love.

What became evident to me while I was there was the vastness of Guruji’s vision. He continues to expand and grow the facilities so that many more devotees can come to study and heal from the direct experience of Kriyayoga meditation. Guruji’s devotion to us is endless.  He works day and night to serve us all, never in any way taking credit for the numerous ways he heeds the call of so many who are suffering.

There were many projects going on that I had a chance to learn about during my stay that I am excited to tell you about.

There is a new guesthouse under construction near the Banyan Tree. There will be 40 large rooms overlooking the Ganges River and house approximately 140 people, many of whom cannot afford to contribute towards the cost of their stay. All people are welcome to stay without cost and to learn and practice Kriyayoga meditation.  There is also ongoing development of the Karchana Farm.  This is located about one hour’s drive from the Ashram and is land that was wildly forested and inhabited by wolves and jackals when it was purchased. Through Gurudev’s vision to feed everyone at the Ashram and to serve as many people as possible, he has created the most impressive farm imaginable. There are mango groves, guava groves, pomegranate groves, rice fields, wheat fields, lentils, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and so much more.  Guruji has created something so spectacular!

Guruji showed me the equipment that was needed to level the ground, and we discussed the many other expenses. Through the generous donations of practitioners and devotees, this work continues.  I have included some photos to share the utter joy I felt during my entire stay.

I am so grateful that I did not delay planning my trip to our spiritual home.   My words do little justice to the experience of healing and heaven that was waiting for me there. I felt loved in a way I never feel here in North America.  Perhaps that’s a result of how easy it is for us to get caught up in the busyness of life and materialism in the West, or how we can get entangled in gossip and nonsense claims that have absolutely nothing to do with reality.   These are nothing more than distractions from our spiritual aim.

In love and devotion,

Sue Diamond, President and Director

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